Where It Quit

Wanna Be

Vision Quest

30 x 30 oil on canvas

Sunday Funnies


22 x 28 oil on canvas

Scenic Route

Ranch Supply

Pit Stop

Old Friends

20 x 24 oil on canvas

Morning Drive

Nice Filly


Indian Tacos

Cowboy Bar

Car Show

Reservoir Beach

350, 4 Speed, Posi

18 x 36 oil on canvas

In To Town

Burrito Bus

Countryside Cafe

Trailer Hitch

16 x 26 oil on canvas

Jakob’s Daughters

She’s a Runner

Board of Directors

Back in the Saddle Again

Blue Bay

Buffalo and 300 Horses

Dodge City

Enlightened Savage

First You Need a Hat

Forever Yours

Headbolt Heater

Heart Butte


Hot Rod Lincoln

Indian Sign

Indian Summer

Lucky Strike

Oh Give Me a Home

Old Paint

Park Buffalo

Pen Pals

Pies Gone By

Ride Sandy


Sheepherder Sandwich

Sky Chief

Plains Indians

Sunup at the Lazy E

Wagon Wheel Motel

Water Recreation Spirit

Welcome Rodeo Fans

White Man’s Lodge


Eat Something You’ll Feel Better

Jackson Roll


Scoutin’ Fort Shaw